Baptist Churches are historically congregational in government. We believe this best follows the biblical model as evidenced in the book of Acts. Consequentially, all major decisions are made in business meetings and voted on by entire church membership. Congregational government gives us the freedom to follow our own convictions under God.

We have a system of government patterned after the United States. We are incorporated in the State of Florida as a 501c3 tax exempt corporation. We have a church constitution that delineates how we operate. The Pastor and deacons are given authority to make most of the decisions but are still answerable to the congregation. The church budget must be approved by the congregation.

You need to read the doctrinal statement and church constitution. Copies are available at the welcome center. If you are in agreement with that then we schedule a time for you to meet with the deacons to tell them about when you were saved and baptized. Then the deacons will make a recommendation for the congregation to vote on.

When gas prices jumped up several years ago we were reminded of two things: 1) gas is expensive and 2) fellowship is precious. Our folks enjoy the food, fellowship, and fun with different themes for the covered dish and sharing the work involved in a Sunday dinner. We don’t expect visitors to bring anything but we would love for you to join us in fellowship and a great meal. Come be our guest this Sunday!

Temple Baptist maintains the position that Baptists have historically held concerning the inspiration of the Bible. Temple Baptist Church’s founding doctrinal statement says:

We believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as verbally inspired of God, and inerrant in the original writings, and that they are of supreme and final authority in faith and life (II Tim 3:16‑17; II Pet. 1:20‑21).

The church constitution states that no changes may be made to the doctrinal statement.

The original writings, books of the Bible that God gave over thousands of years, have been lost. We do have early manuscripts that the Bibles in our hands were translated from. The King James Version is one of those translations. The KJV has been a wonderful blessing to Christianity and we encourage people to use it. But we do not elevate it to a position that excludes the use of other translations of the Scriptures that are faithful to the early manuscripts. We believe that multiple other translations also clearly communicate God’s Word in modern languages (including English).

Our goal is for everyone to get a good understanding of the Bible so that it can do the work of transformation in their lives that God desires (Rom 12:1‑2).

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